The Daughter

The Daughter

hop over to this site buy provigil online Convoy of Hope Europe’s feeding programs in Jordan continue in the cities Irbid and East Amman for the third year. Over 600,000 Syrians are currently living in refugee camps in Jordan, unable to work or leave the camp. The Jordanian government does not want refugees to work in fear they will take jobs from Jordanians. If the refugees leave the camp, they will be ineligible for any official aid. Tensions can run high, as many have been stuck in this desperate situation for years. Crime is common, and many families are faced with the difficult decision of keeping their family in an unsafe environment, or leaving the camp to find alternate housing in the city and losing their access to food.

Convoy of Hope Europe is working with partners in Jordan to help 1,300 refugees who made the decision to leave. One of these families is led by a woman named Haya. Her home in Syria was hit with a bomb and demolished, so Haya and her mother and siblings fled to Jordan. While the refugee camp in Irbid provided some food and assistance, there were problems with some of the men in the camp that made Haya fear for the safety of her sisters. They left the camp and are now renting a small room in Irbid.

Struggling with depression and shock from the war and losing their home, unable to work, unable to stay in the refugee camp that was supposed to represent safety for her family, Haya withdrew from the world and rarely left the apartment or spoke with anyone. She did not know how to provide for her family until the food parcels started arriving from COHEU.

Now, Haya has a new hope that her family will survive this difficult time, and her once-absent smile is now incredibly bright!

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