Calais 3

Update on Calais

A new year begins for Convoy of Hope Europe with continuing work with in the Jungle refugee camp of Calais, France. New police restrictions on the land that the refugees and migrants are allowed to occupy meant a large portion of the Christian community started in the camp needed to be moved. People in the newly restricted sections were given three days to move. With previous construction teams, basic wooden structures had been built to offer families some additional protection against the mud and the elements. Now, there was three days to move them before they would be destroyed.

Another team from England mobilized quickly to help, and were able to get all of the residential huts moved. Through some discussion with the authorities, not everything had to be moved. Our team was given permission for the community center and kitchen to remain where they are.

We are unsure of the future of the camp, but we are committed to assisting the people within for as long as it stands. With winter settled over the area, there remains a significant risk of freezing for those without blankets and warm clothing. Many families huddle together to maintain a sense of warmth, and Convoy of Hope Europe has been working to supply gas heaters and extra gas canisters to additional families that are still arriving daily.

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