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Empowerment in Estonia

wp-1In Estonia, our first ever Women’s Empowerment project has been running strong through a fantastic partnership with Focus Church in Tallinn! Eleven women that were recommended by local women’s shelters have faithfully attended the weekly classes for education and life skills to better provide for their families in the short and long term. Through the duration of the course, women are trained on topics such as basic business and finance principles for the job market or starting their own small business. They are also trained on family issues such as family finance, grocery shopping on a budget, and emotional health.

AGWM Missionaries Nick and Olivia Puccini lead Focus Church, and had a heavy burden on their hearts for the fact that one in every five women in Estonia is a single mother. Convoy of Hope has worked Women’s Empowerment programs on the continents of Africa and South America, but was interested in seeing what could be done for the women struggling in Europe. Considering the different dynamics and challenges for European women versus those in third world countries, this project in Estonia has been a beta program for implementing new avenues of assistance for a group of people that has been marginalized in Europe.

The course instructors included university professors, professional counselors, and other successful business women in the community. Throughout the course, women from Focus Church have been building relationships with each of these women which will continue past graduation day on the first of June. This support system is integral to the success of the program, and we are excited to see how it continues to develop over the next few months and into the future!

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  1. Wow!!!!!! This is an amazingly great success story that carries Gods glory to the unbelievers and I believe the story can be a foundation for the salvation of many.
    Bravo NICK and OLIVIA, keep up the spirit and
    Stay blessed in Jesus mighty name.

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