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A Continuing Crisis

my company The warm fall has been a blessing to asylum seekers who continue to cross borders and seas in hopes for a better life in Europe. While the numbers entering Europe have not slowed, we know it is only a matter of time before the temperatures catch up to the season. Convoy of Hope is continuing a multifaceted program to reach those in need of assistance.

important source Our feeding program in Jordan is pivotal to survival for 2500 Syrian Refugees. Because of the conditions of some of the refugee camps, parents are forced to choose between food and safety for their families. Those who choose safety by leaving the camps sacrifice all chance of assistance from the Jordanian government and UNHCR. For over two years, Convoy of Hope Europe has been working with the national church in Jordan to help these families survive.

In Bulgaria, we are addressing physical and social needs through the Convoy of Hope Oasis Center. Food and classes are provided to families crossing Bulgaria into the main part of Europe.

In Macedonia, we invested $10,000 at the beginning of the Crisis toward the setup of a new distribution center to provide food for refugees passing through.


Our biggest project so far has been the camp in Calais, France for asylum seekers waiting to cross into the United Kingdom. Known as the Jungle because of harsh living conditions, the camp has been growing at an exponential pace. Safety is an issue, and French riot police are permanently stationed around the camp and patrol regularly. At the beginning of the Crisis, the Jungle housed 4,000 asylum seekers. Now, the Jungle is bustling with over 6,000 residents, including a growing number of women and children. Thanks to our partners, our initial investment in the Jungle gave us an incredible opportunity to lay solid groundwork for an adaptable and sustainable program in the camp.

Though the autumn has been warm, it has also been rainy, and the camp is sinking in mud. We have distributed over 3,000 rain ponchos to protect residents from the water. We’ve built shelters for women and children, provided additional tents for some of the men, supplied an industrial sized washer and dryer for volunteers doing refugees’ laundry, and purchased stoves and cooking materials for families in the camp.

We are seeking new partners to come alongside this work, and have recently connected with friends in Paris to install showers in a certain part of the camp. We have two teams coming to serve in Calais before the end of the year, and have scheduled two additional special events for the camp. The first is a soccer tournament in which some professional soccer players will be competing with players from the camp, to be followed by a special Christmas program. The second event is a concert that will be held in January.

Lastly, we are also redeveloping our work with refugees here in Belgium. While our previous efforts with the refugee camp ended when the camp in Brussels was closed, the available government housing has not been proportionate to the influx of new asylum seekers. We will be assisting the Red Cross by working with the overflow of those unable to find shelter in the provided buildings.

As long as this crisis remains, Convoy of Hope Europe will be involved, extending every effort to reach refugees physically, socially, and spiritually.

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