Leova, Moldova // AAC Trip 2013

From May 11th-19th, 2013, we had our third and final trip to the adopted community of Leova, Moldova with Christ’s Place Church from Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

During the week, we set up a free medical clinic where a doctor from Lincoln and his team were able to receive hundreds of patients for free consultations. Part of the team painted playgrounds at a local school and kindergarten, and the teacher’s joined in, appreciative of our work for them. In the house of a handicapped man, we installed an indoor shower room. We also repaired the walls and windows in an apartment block. One resident is a lady who is suffering from cancer so we helped paint her kitchen and livingroom. Another man’s house was damaged by a minor earthquake and had a large crack and gaping hole throughout his wall. He is the neighbor of an elderly man the team has lovingly come to call “grandpa” over the years, so they were eager to help this friend of his. The team worked to stabilize and fix this problem for him.

At the end of the week, we held a children’s event where around 70 kids gathered for games, face painting, balloons and a fun time of interaction with these Americans who have grown to love them. We have had such an amazing time cultivating relationships and working for the people of Leova over the past three years. We are proud to say that after the successes of previous trips, we finished the project with yet another strong trip. We are confident that the foundations we have laid here will continue to produce positive change for this community in the years to come. Thank you to Christ’s Place and all of those who have worked to make this project meaningful and fruitful!

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