Update on the Refugee Crisis

The Refugee Crisis is not over, and the plight of the refugees is as difficult as ever. The situation at the Jungle refugee camp in Calais, France is complicated and tragic. More than half of the camp has been dismantled and demolished by French authorities. The south section has been completely closed, with authorities making plans to demolish the north side as well. The remaining 4,500 asylum seekers in the camp are being forced to either register for asylum in France, or leave the camp and find a new place to stay until the crossing to England can be accomplished.

In Dunkirk, officials have taken significant action to correct inhumane living conditions for families. Heated shelters have been provided with regular meals, and officials are overseeing operations. The camp is still closed to outside humanitarian organizations, but we are believing for a breakthrough! Flashlights have been added to our latest assistance packages to both camps in Calais and Dunkirk. The flashlights are hand-cranked and do not require batteries, as batteries have been expensive for the families already living on what they were able to bring with them in the boat. A team last week distributed 500 care packages with flashlights in the Jungle alone.

refugeeIn Macedonia, Convoy of Hope Europe is working with Assembly of God missionaries and the National Church of Macedonia to support a feeding program for asylum seekers in the refugee camp along the northern border near Bosnia. Milk for babies and blankets are currently also being distributed in the camp. A new project is in the works for another feeding program in an additional camp.

Convoy of Hope Europe is also continuing feeding programs in Jordan and Bulgaria for Syrian refugees. In Bulgaria, the Convoy of Hope Oasis Center continues to be a center for activity and food distribution for the people in the camp.

In an effort to expand work with asylum seekers, the COHEU Response team will be headed to Greece next week for a mass distribution and scouting trip. Other avenues are also being pursued in Italy and Turkey!

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