One Day Challenge

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Facts about poverty in the world:

  • 25% of the world’s population earns 1€ or less per day.
  • Each year, more than 6 million children die of hunger.
  • The number of undernourished people globally increases by 16,500 per day.
  • The primary cause of hunger is lack of money to buy food.
  • 1.1 billion women and girls live in abject poverty. ONE DAY CHALLENGE

Give the gift of one day. Through Convoy of Hope Europe (COHEU) you can make a difference in the lives of children and families living in poverty. With the One Day Challenge initiative, each person or family gives one day’s wages to help bring humanitarian aid and support to those in need.

  • Every euro donated will provide the equivalent of 10€ worth of food and supplies.
  • 25€ helps a family of 4 eat for 4 weeks.
  • 300€ will provide 1,000 kilos of food and supplies.
  • 5.000€ will provide an entire container (20,000 kilos) of food and supplies.

If you have questions or want more info about COHEU or the One Day Challenge initiative, please contact us.

To donate and give one day of wages to support COHEU, please visit our giving page.


  1. Calculate your one day’s wages:
    Write down the amount of your weekly income:  ____________ Euros
    Divide your weekly income by 5 = _____________ Euros to donate
  2. Visit our giving page to donate your one day’s wages to COHEU.

Thank you!