A Difference In Darabani

A Difference in Darabani

It was the most important building in Darabani, Romania. Lonel, a local man and leader from the church, shared his memories from a time 25 years earlier under Communist rule. This building housed the only grocery store. Many fights would break out as people struggled to get a ticket for bread, eggs, and milk. They would wait in line for hours, and even with a ticket, there was no guarantee the store wouldn’t run out before they made it the front. Crowds would yell and push as hopelessness descended further into despair. Fathers and mothers would be turned away and have to return home to hungry children. The afternoon did not end with that story of despair, but instead, added…

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A Time For Rabbits

A Time for Rabbits

In the country of Moldova, poverty is the norm. Caught between the East and West, Moldova is a former Soviet nation taken from its mother country of Romania by Tsar Nicholas of Russia right before the Soviet Revolution in 1917. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Moldova has struggled to develop an independent national identity. It is the poorest country in Europe. The level of poverty in some villages rivals what you would see in Africa or South America, but definitely not what you would expect to see in Europe. Convoy of Hope Europe (COHEU) developed the Adopt-A-Community program around areas like these, where organizations and churches can make a long-term investment into improving conditions for those stuck in…

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From River To Recovery

From River to Recovery

In the summer of 2014, a massive flood devastated Bosnia/Herzegovina. Over a million people were affected as infrastructure, businesses, homes, farms and crops were destroyed. Convoy of Hope Europe (COHEU) took immediate action, and partnering with teams from Sarajevo and Brussels, moved into the village of Maglaj to assist with recovery efforts. Maglaj is situated on the River Bosna and was completely submerged by the flood. Teams brought in food and cleaning supplies, as well as providing necessary supplies for reopening the local school. While the waters from the Bosna have long receded, the recovery continues. In addition to ongoing work in the school, doors have also opened to also assist with government collective housing for the socially disadvantaged. Zumra,…

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Spotlight On Russia

Spotlight on Russia

There are few countries as intimidating as Russia. A population of 142 million people from 190 ethnic groups spread across the largest country on the planet, covering 11 time zones. Politically, they’re strong and not afraid to flex their muscles. Economically, they are struggling to survive after crippling sanctions were levied against the country in 2014 due to the annexation of Crimea. Because of these sanctions, humanitarian organizations are struggling to find ways to help. All outside humanitarian aid is stopped and burned, buried, or otherwise destroyed at the borders. Many international humanitarian organizations in the country have been kicked out. In the meantime, the continuing sanctions make life more difficult by the day for the average Russian. WHAT CAN…

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