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The Plight Of A Refugee

The Plight of a Refugee

Europe is in the middle of the largest human migration since the Second World War. Unrest in the Middle East and North Africa has hundreds of thousands of immigrants fleeing their homes for safety and the hope of a better life. Syrians, Iraqis, and Eritreans form the largest factions of refugees after years of dealing with the ravages of war. Analysts estimate that over 107,000 asylum seekers entered Europe in the month of July, with…

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Feeling Human Again!

Feeling Human Again!

Being bombarded by images of wars and disasters can eventually make us numb to the devastation. Last year, pictures of Syria and its refugees flooded our media devices. One disaster is replaced by the next in the news, so it is easy to forget. However, these realities persist and the problem does not disappear. With your help, Convoy of Hope Europe supports local partners in Jordan that are still helping refugees from Syria. Would you…

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Kandahar Update

Each family received 50 kg of flour; 5 l of cooking oil; 5 kg of beans; sugar and tea. Because of the recent fighting in and around the Helmand province, people have fled to the city of Kandahar. Many of these refugees have no support system and are living in extremely difficult conditions. Convoy of Hope Europe partnered with Shelter Now International and the local government of Kandahar to help the neediest families with an…

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Convoy of Hope Europe helps internally displaced persons in Kandahar, Afghanistan In recent years thousands of people have fled the conflict in Afghanistan and lived in refugee camps in Pakistan and Iran. These camps have been abruptly closed and people have made the long trip  back to their homeland. They now find themselves as Displaced Persons and most have ended up in large refugee camps near the city of Kandahar. Due to the recent fighting between the…

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