An intern’s perspective… Day #6

Today we say goodbye to the village of Glenjini and its truly wonderful people. The day starts super early as we have so much to prepare for the ‘Day of Hope’. The event is set in the school’s playground. We have circus tents located around the grounds. The playground is fenced off and the area is split into different sections. We have a children’s area, an adult area and a food parcel pick up. Fortunately for me I was asked to work in the children’s area. After a marvelous week playing, laughing and singing with these children, it would be an absolute honour to serve them.
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An intern’s perspective… Day #4 buy lasix australia Day 4 (18/08/11) With seven team members down on Wednesday night due to illness, we were so pleased to see that everyone had made a full recovery by the next morning. The day started incredibly well; we were all so motivated to serve the people of Glenjini. As the minibus bumped along the cracked and dusty road, we soon arrived at the home of an elderly. Today the team painted the entire exterior of her house as well as the garden fence and gate. Liuba being a decisive women, she knew exactly how she wanted us to help her. We all worked tirelessly so we could finish her beautiful home. Liuba told us she was a widow. Her children moved to Moscow for work. Since she lives alone, her house would probably never have been repaired, as there was no one available to help. Liuba was very grateful for our work and company. As the early evening approached and we got ready to leave her home, she kissed me on the cheek and gave me a hug. In that instant I knew our work truly meant the world to her. It was an honour to meet and work with Liuba today. She and her loving personality will fill my memory forever.

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An intern’s perspective… Day #3

Day 3 (17/08/11) As the bus parks into the school courtyard, grey skies hang over the village. Many team members are weary as sleep deprivation plagues their bodies. Today could be a challenging day! As the workload got dispersed among the team, I learned that I had the privilege of getting to serve a family. When we arrived at the family home we were greeted with sincere love and kindness. We were given the honour of meeting the family, using our translator to break the language barrier. The family was composed of three girls, ages ranging between eleven months and seventeen years. The family home was falling apart. The ceilings of the house were rotten while the windows and doors were covered with dirt and cobwebs. The house would be deemed as unlivable by Western standards, however this was a family home. It was a place of refuge for these girls. We simply had to repair this house for this gracious family. The team paired off to do different jobs, some plastered walls while others rebuilt the ceiling. I painted the exterior door and window frames. We worked hard all day for a family that truly deserved our time and effort. As we were leaving the girls were very grateful that people had taken time to restore their home to its original beauty. As a result of today’s hard work, the family now has a newly repaired home.

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