Empowerment In Estonia

Empowerment in Estonia

In Estonia, our first ever Women’s Empowerment project has been running strong through a fantastic partnership with Focus Church in Tallinn! Eleven women that were recommended by local women’s shelters have faithfully attended the weekly classes for education and life skills to better provide for their families in the short and long term. Through the duration of the course, women are trained on topics such as basic business and finance principles for the job market or starting their own small business. They are also trained on family issues such as family finance, grocery shopping on a budget, and emotional health. AGWM Missionaries Nick and Olivia Puccini lead Focus Church, and had a heavy burden on their hearts for the fact…

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A Time For Rabbits

A Time for Rabbits

In the country of Moldova, poverty is the norm. Caught between the East and West, Moldova is a former Soviet nation taken from its mother country of Romania by Tsar Nicholas of Russia right before the Soviet Revolution in 1917. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Moldova has struggled to develop an independent national identity. It is the poorest country in Europe. The level of poverty in some villages rivals what you would see in Africa or South America, but definitely not what you would expect to see in Europe. Convoy of Hope Europe (COHEU) developed the Adopt-A-Community program around areas like these, where organizations and churches can make a long-term investment into improving conditions for those stuck in…

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Moving, Not Quitting

Moving, not quitting

Living in a small, one-room apartment in Romania, Pastor Alexandru and his wife share a passion to see lives transformed and their community infused with a fresh hope.  They have suffered great opposition, moving 6 times over the past few years when local religious leaders pressured the landlords “to evict the pastors”. Even so, the couple continues to press on sharing love with their neighbors and the hurting in their community. Convoy of Hope Europe is partnering with these wonderful people in the village of Horezu to bless the local teachers and civic leaders, initiate an after-school program for children, and provide firewood for the neediest residents. All this to support significant and sustainable change in their community, and strengthen…

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How To Spend A Million Dollars!

How to spend a million dollars!

This week marks the fifth anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti, which occurred on 12 January 2010. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives and the country was practically destroyed. Thus began one of the biggest disaster relief efforts undertaken by Convoy of Hope International. We are deeply grateful that because of 16 European nations, we, as Convoy of Hope Europe, were able to contribute over a million dollars to this response.  Within weeks, millions of meals and water purification units were distributed, especially in the area of Port-au-Prince. Over the years, the work has continued. An agricultural initiative teaches farmers needed skills to produce crops, and a 30,000 square foot warehouse was built just outside of the capitol.…

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