Flooding in Romania

buy fliban online Convoy of Hope Europe (COHEU) is helping flood victims in Romania. COHEU staff members have visited the flood area around the city of Dorohoi, in the North-East, which has a population of around 30.000. About 1700 people were evacuated while 6 people died. More than 750 houses were destroyed or severely damaged. COHEU was able to provide food parcels to 120 families and also helped a soup kitchen that is feeding a 150 people a day. Countless families have not only lost their home but also their means of living. Small-scale farming is for many the main source of income but most fields and gardens have been damaged by the flood. Also,  lots of water wells have been polluted. Please consider helping by making a secure online donation here. Thank you.

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Haiti Update – April 27, 2010

pirfenex tablet price It is encouraging to report to you that even though life in Haiti is still difficult, there is a sense of normalcy returning to this broken country. As COH continues to feed the needy in Haiti some of the delivery methods are beginning to transition to a more permanent process. Our immediate food distribution, in the wake of the disaster has reached over 1 million people, and now COH is looking to transition to recovery rather than response. The multiple thousands of water filtration units which have been installed will help families to fight illness and enable people to continue…as life goes on! The government has allowed schools to restart but in most cases the buildings are unstable to the point where students and teachers are prohibited from entering the physical building. This means that school is being held outside in tents. The COH nutrition program which blesses thousands of children every day has become a focus of the transition and delivery method. This program has potential to grow quickly through the schools of Haiti. One of the participating schools in the COH nutrition program sits precariously at the edge of a ravine and is in danger of being washed away during the next strong rain. COH is doing everything possible to assess the needs of all of the current schools in the program as well as targeting new ones for expansion. The schools will be the infrastructure for the expansion of the nutrition program which for most of the children is their only meal of the day. It is the view of COH, that as they represent the future of the country, it is wise to invest in the children of Haiti. Many of the buildings which need to be rebuilt for the sake of program expansion are being demolished by the Haitians themselves because there is an understanding that to bring in heavy equipment to do the job would be extremely expensive and time consuming. The people are ready to work and rebuild their lives and COH wants to stand with them. It’s been three months since a devastating earthquake struck Haiti. More than 250,000 people were killed and 1 million were left homeless. Though the weeks since the earthquake have been traumatic for the Haitian people, your generosity has given countless families the strength to move forward and rebuild their lives. By partnering with us you have enabled us to: • Provide more than 8.5 million meals • Serve 1 million people • Distribute 4 million of pounds of food, water filters, hygiene kits and other supplies to Earthquake survivors. Before the earthquake struck, we were already feeding over 10,000 school children each day. Part of our three-year strategy is to expand our children’s feeding initiative to 45,000 kids. The daily meal we provide is sometimes the only food these children receive. In other words, when we feed children, we play a part in keeping them in school where they are learning to read, write and do math. Another part of our three-year strategy is to continue sending food, water filters, shoes, hygiene kits and other supplies. These valuable resources will not only help us expand our feeding initiative, but they will help our partners expand their work, too. We’ve also committed to helping rebuild schools and community centers so that the Haitian people can become more self-sufficient. By equipping the people with tools, training and resources, we are ensuring they have the means to live better lives. Our promise to you is that with your continued help we will remain in Haiti feeding hungry children and helping their families and communities for many years to come. Thanks for caring enough to make a difference in our world.

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Haiti Update – March 9, 2010

retin-a walmart price Convoy of Hope has now distributed more than 7,000,000 meals. We bought several trucks in Gibraltar, shipped them in and this has helped us to distribute the food to the neediest. Culligan, a well known company, has donated 3 water filter systems. Each one is capable of producing 15,000 gallons of pure drinking water on a daily basis. Two of these are now operational. We are also looking at rebuilding several schools and will shortly make a decision on the locations. The needs are still overwhelming but we are doing our best with the funds you have entrusted to us.

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Haiti Update – February 9, 2010

augmentin price Included in the churches we will be working with in the future in Haiti are those belonging to the Assemblies of God. They have reported that 300 of their members were killed, including one pastor. 15 church buildings and 24 parsonages were destroyed. While we mourn with the relatives of those that were lost, this is a better report than we were expecting. The total deaths because of this earthquake are now close to 200,000

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Haiti Update – February 3, 2010

kamagra oral jelly cost CHRIS DUDLEY WITH CONVOY OF HOPE IN HAITI Every time you walk by a devastated building you wonder if someone is buried alive underneath the debris. Then you hear that they have pulled out a 16 year old girl, ALIVE, after being buried for 15 days. It makes you think. We have now given out 1.600,000 meals. Your support is necessary and is being used to save lives. * Convoy of Hope Base of operations is the Mission of Hope just outside of the city of Port au Prince in Titanyen, Haiti. * Inbound loads will be at the airport at the Mission Aviation Fellowship Hanger * Meals served- Almost 1.8 million meals distributed through the partnership of Convoy of Hope and Mission of Hope at PODs (points of distribution) through Wednesday January 27, 2010 * Logistics- Teams have been participating in the Food, Medical and logistics clusters but have yet to receive any commodities. * Distribution 2 main points of distribution are Quisqueya Chapel and Cite Soleil along with utilizing 3 orphanages and other varying locations including: Cite Solei, Delmas75, Croix Des Bouquets, Cabaret, Titanyen, and others in and around Port Au Prince. * Go Teams- A Sixth team arrived in Port Au Prince Thursday afternoon and will continued assessments for Long term strategies for operations. We will continue distribution based out of Mission of Hope. * Water Purification-We continue to train people to maintain the Sawyer water purification systems. 1700 more sawyer units en route. Culligan is donating 3 large water purification units capable of 15,000 gallons per day. 1 in Quisqueya Chapel 1 in Mission of Hope. * NEEDS: * Food, water, medical supplies, tents, and tarps

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