Responding To The Earthquake In Italy

Responding to the Earthquake in Italy

tadacip price in india Two days ago, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck northeast of Rome, Italy. Over 260 individuals have been confirmed dead from the quake, and over 5,000 rescuers are searching for the estimated hundreds still trapped in the rubble. Relief efforts have been difficult as over 900 aftershocks have continued to devastate the mountainous area, making the search for survivors even more perilous. Thanks to our network of partners across the globe, Convoy of Hope Europe stands ready to respond to the crisis by utilizing contacts in cities like Rome, Milan, and L’Aquila. The earthquake zone is currently open only to those sent by the government. However, our partners are in the area looking for ways to provide assistance. To contribute to our disaster response in Italy, please click below and donate now. Thank you! DONATE

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To Die On Our Feet

To Die on Our Feet

calcium carbonate msds uk In the Lugansk region of eastern Ukraine, separatist forces have taken control and declared Lugansk to be an independent republic. For over a year, the Ukrainian military has been fighting to retake the land. Eighty percent of the civilians in the area have fled the fighting, and the twenty percent remaining do so because they are unable to leave. Martha and Victor are in their nineties. Their only child, a daughter Tanya, was killed by an abusive husband many years ago and they have no other family. When the fighting in Eastern Ukraine began two years ago, they had nowhere to go. Now, they are two of the thousands that have no way to find food or basic care in an area where supply lines and their pensions have been blocked. Convoy of Hope Europe has been working to bring physical, social, and spiritual help to people in these communities affected by the war. When our team first met Martha and Victor, and offered to pray with them, Martha said “Pray to God for us to die on our feet. We are over 90 years old and have no one to take care of us.” The team ministered to Martha and Victor, and provided the couple with plenty of food and a much-needed medical exam. Now, Martha says the future looks much brighter. With tears in her eyes she said, “You have given us hope!”

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The Other Side Of War

The Other Side of War

lincocin uk While a working ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine continues to elude the government and separatist forces, winter has officially arrived for the civilians trapped in the crossfire. Many have fled, but many cannot. For those left behind, the bitter cold is an unrelenting foe against which there is little hope. Because of the fighting, most cities and villages are without power and access to natural gas for heat. While the militia fight, people are freezing to death in their homes. Last winter, Convoy of Hope Europe reached out and provided 300 wood stoves for families caught in this desperate situation. These stoves serve a dual purpose. Not only do they heat homes, but they also provide a flat surface for cooking. [su_button url="" target="blank" style="flat" background="#ed364b" size="8" wide="yes" center="yes" radius="0" icon="icon: heart-o" class="coheu"]DONATE A STOVE TODAY[/su_button] Surviving in a war zone is difficult in many ways outside of the direct threat of violence. Food supplies are interrupted and businesses close or flee. Jobs are lost, and those left behind are now unemployed with no way to support themselves. Food is scarce even for those who can afford to buy it. Over the last year, Convoy of Hope Europe made a commitment to helping those stranded in the war zone. We provided seeds and gardening tools for families to grow their own food. Many were able to can and store enough to last through much of this coming winter. In addition, we funded a new school for Ukrainians who commit to moving to the towns and villages in the war zone and act as point person for humanitarian aid distribution. These volunteers are trained in supply distribution, reporting, and counseling victims of trauma. Three classes have graduated, and those graduates are now serving in twelve cities and villages along the front lines of the conflict! Now that winter is once again upon us, we want to continue to provide Hope to those who have lost everything. Last winter we purchased and distributed 300 stoves. This year, with your help, we can do more!

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From River To Recovery

From River to Recovery

entavir 0.5 mg cipla price In the summer of 2014, a massive flood devastated Bosnia/Herzegovina. Over a million people were affected as infrastructure, businesses, homes, farms and crops were destroyed. Convoy of Hope Europe (COHEU) took immediate action, and partnering with teams from Sarajevo and Brussels, moved into the village of Maglaj to assist with recovery efforts. Maglaj is situated on the River Bosna and was completely submerged by the flood. Teams brought in food and cleaning supplies, as well as providing necessary supplies for reopening the local school. While the waters from the Bosna have long receded, the recovery continues. In addition to ongoing work in the school, doors have also opened to also assist with government collective housing for the socially disadvantaged. Zumra, a resident of the government housing, is a single mother and cancer survivor. She cleans houses to support her two sons, but there are not many who can afford to pay her after the flood ruined the local economy. When she cannot find work, she volunteers for the municipality on social projects. Last month her heater broke, and she had no means to replace it. Also in the building is another single mother named Nerminka. Nerminka’s 19 year old son Semir is mentally disabled and epileptic. Her husband abandoned them, and Nerminka was forced to quit her job as a hairdresser to take care of Semir. Semir was further traumatized by the flooding, and his condition continues to deteriorate. They receive a disability allowance from the government, but it is barely enough to survive. It is not enough to purchase the new bed needed for Semir, still sleeping on an old rusted iron bed and mattress that was damaged by the floods. Once COHEU became aware of these situations, Zumra received a wood stove to keep her sons warm this winter, and Semir received a new bed. The value of these items is far higher than their price to those who have lost everything, and we thank our partners for making it possible. Recovery after disasters of this magnitude take years, but every day doors continue to open to bring Hope to families affected by the flooding. Our commitment to the community of Maglaj will continue until the work is complete. To contribute to this project or projects like this: DONATE  

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Not Finished Yet!

Not Finished Yet!

clofert max price Several months have passed since the magnitude 8.1 earthquake devastated the nation of Nepal. Hundreds of thousands of homes were destroyed, over eight thousand people were killed, and over 15,000 injured. Thanks to you, Convoy of Hope Europe and our partners were able to provide life-saving humanitarian assistance within 24 hours of the earthquake. Your support in reaching across the planet affected 42,000 individuals (9,000 families), providing food and temporary shelters. In the last three months, your generosity assisted families to rebuild stronger, safer homes, and allowed children to return to their schools. This is no small feat! So much has happened in three months, and many humanitarian organizations have already stepped back on the amount of aid they will provide to those still in desperate need of assistance. With your continued support, instead of stepping out of the relief effort in Nepal, we would like to increase our involvement as a long-term, strategic presence in the area. Your kindness made an incredible impact on the people of Nepal, and we look forward to your continued partnership in rebuilding this community stronger than ever before!

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