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Community Event :: Sabinov, Slovakia

Community Event :: Sabinov, Slovakia

On April 27th, 2013, Convoy of Hope Europe had its first ever event in Slovakia. Working with local pastor, Marian, we held a Community Event with 1,300 guests in attendance. There was a pampering tent where our guests could get haircuts and manicures. There was live music, free food, and activities for the family to engage in and enjoy. A group from Europe’s Children led kids’ events to give them an extra special day of fun. Individuals also flew in from the US to help out with greeting and food distribution. Each family left with a bag of groceries to take home. The event was such a success that the local leadership decided to have a follow-up event in the nearby village of Pecovska Nova Ves the following Friday, which was also a huge success. Thank you to all of our partners and supporters who helped make our initiation into our 36th country so great! We are looking to extend the Adopt-A-Community program into Slovakia thanks to the relationships we have forged there.

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Community Event :: Dublin, Ireland

In August 2012,  two churches, Lifechurch, Germantown, WI and Liverpool One Church, Liverpool, England, worked together in three locations in Ireland: Dublin, Clondalkin and Drimnagh. Hosted by Pastor Noel Kenny of Liberty Church, Dublin, the teams worked throughout the week leading up to the main event on Saturday, August 4th. Lifechurch held children’s events in Drimnagh, which attracted over 80 kids. Meanwhile, the Liverpool One team completely renovated a community center, which is going to be used for many services aimed at helping the community, including a café giving breakfast to kids on their way to school. The main event took place on Saturday the 4th of August with over 1000 people in attendance. There was free food, a big play area for kids, pampering for women and even a karaoke tent. There was also a huge back-to-school giveaway where backpacks and school supplies were handed out. Thanks to Lifechurch, Liverpool One and Liberty Church for all your help and support!

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