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A Difference In Darabani

A Difference in Darabani

It was the most important building in Darabani, Romania. Lonel, a local man and leader from the church, shared his memories from a time 25 years earlier under Communist rule. This building housed the only grocery store. Many fights would break out as people struggled to get a ticket for bread, eggs, and milk. They would wait in line for hours, and even with a ticket, there was no guarantee the store wouldn’t run out before they made it the front. Crowds would yell and push as hopelessness descended further into despair. Fathers and mothers would be turned away and have to return home to hungry children. The afternoon did not end with that story of despair, but instead, added…

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After The Fire

After the Fire

Five years ago, Cornerstone Church in Bowie, Maryland decided to partner with Convoy of Hope Europe and adopt the community of Glinjeni, Moldova. Cornerstone sent multiple teams every year to the village, repairing houses, digging a well, and building a church. Over the course of three years, Glinjeni started to change. When the Adopt-A-Community program officially finished in 2014, Cornerstone decided to continue the relationship with the church in Glinjeni, and still regularly provides assistance and mentorship. Five months ago, the church was set on fire due to the influence of the Orthodox church against the evangelical movement. After the fire was put out, people from the community whose lives had been changed through the Adopt-A-Community program arrived to help…

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Pressing Forward With Hope

Pressing Forward with Hope

Driving over 9,000 kilometers (5,600 miles) through 11 countries, a Convoy of Hope Europe (COHEU) team member set out to rekindle older territories and blaze new trails in places yet unreached in previous years. Over the past 12 years of ministry, COHEU has established a presence in 56 countries, and is hoping to spend the next five years delving deeper into areas with the greatest need. Much of southeastern Europe has been wrought with wars, ethnic cleansing, and atrocities that have left the people disillusioned and religiously cold. Despite the challenges, people like the pastor of a little village in Macedonia continue to faithfully carry the message of Christ to a people who witnessed horrendous acts under the banner of…

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Moving, Not Quitting

Moving, not quitting

Living in a small, one-room apartment in Romania, Pastor Alexandru and his wife share a passion to see lives transformed and their community infused with a fresh hope.  They have suffered great opposition, moving 6 times over the past few years when local religious leaders pressured the landlords “to evict the pastors”. Even so, the couple continues to press on sharing love with their neighbors and the hurting in their community. Convoy of Hope Europe is partnering with these wonderful people in the village of Horezu to bless the local teachers and civic leaders, initiate an after-school program for children, and provide firewood for the neediest residents. All this to support significant and sustainable change in their community, and strengthen…

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