Ukraine Relief Update

Read More Here The fighting in Eastern Ukraine continues. There are daily exchanges of fire between Ukrainian troops and the pro-Russian rebels, consistently violating the latest cease-fire agreement. Power lines have been down in some areas for over a year, access to clean water is unreliable, and constant shelling has taken its physical and psychological toll on residents in Donbass. In the last six months, Convoy of Hope Europe, thanks to the support of our partners, has been able to provide 300 wood stoves to families living in areas with no power. These stoves provided heat for the remainder of the winter, as well as a cooking surface for families to prepare their food through the summer months. We also supplied seeds for 300 families to plant vegetable gardens. The gardens have been a big success, as the families were able to grow enough to feed their families, with surplus to store for the coming cold months when supply lines are not as reliable.

Over the summer months, we were also able to start a training course for Ukrainian missionaries volunteering to move into contested areas, acting as point persons for the humanitarian relief delivered. This course teaches a variety of topics, including administering humanitarian relief, distributing aid in a combat zone, and ministering to people who have suffered physical and psychological trauma. The first class graduated 16 volunteer missionaries who are now serving on the front lines.

As the summer begins to transition to fall, it is time to look ahead and prepare for the coming winter. Without a solid ceasefire agreement, and vital repairs to infrastructure, the cold weather will bring an additional set of challenges to residents in Donbass. A snow storm can garner as many casualties as an outbreak of violence, but Convoy of Hope Europe remains committed to continuing our work providing stoves and heat for families without power. We remain committed to reaching Eastern Ukraine physically, socially, and spiritually, but we cannot do it without your help!

To contribute to the Ukraine Disaster Relief Fund, click here.

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