To Die On Our Feet

To Die on Our Feet

buy lasix online with mastercard moved here In the Lugansk region of eastern Ukraine, separatist forces have taken control and declared Lugansk to be an independent republic. For over a year, the Ukrainian military has been fighting to retake the land. Eighty percent of the civilians in the area have fled the fighting, and the twenty percent remaining do so because they are unable to leave.

Martha and Victor are in their nineties. Their only child, a daughter Tanya, was killed by an abusive husband many years ago and they have no other family. When the fighting in Eastern Ukraine began two years ago, they had nowhere to go. Now, they are two of the thousands that have no way to find food or basic care in an area where supply lines and their pensions have been blocked.

Convoy of Hope Europe has been working to bring physical, social, and spiritual help to people in these communities affected by the war. When our team first met Martha and Victor, and offered to pray with them, Martha said “Pray to God for us to die on our feet. We are over 90 years old and have no one to take care of us.”

The team ministered to Martha and Victor, and provided the couple with plenty of food and a much-needed medical exam. Now, Martha says the future looks much brighter. With tears in her eyes she said, “You have given us hope!”

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