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Responding To The Nepal Earthquake


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On April 25th, devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. It left thousands of people dead and some 700,000 people displaced from their homes. Thanks to friends like you, including churches and businesses, Convoy of Hope’s disaster relief team— along with our partners — responded immediately with food and emergency supplies in many of the hardest-hit areas in Nepal.

To date, our distributions of food and supplies have taken place in 80 communities and villages. Nearly 300,000 meals, and more than 1,900 tents and tarps, have been distributed to thousands of families in need.

As you know, by now, the news media and many relief organizations have moved on, but Convoy of Hope and its partners have made a long-term commitment to Nepal.

Please know your generosity and compassion makes our relief and recovery efforts possible.

Thank you so much for giving and caring, and be assured that because of you we have people on the ground meeting needs every single day.

God bless you.

Please watch this very short video update to see how you are making a difference in Nepal.

Update #4

MAY 12, 2015

Convoy of Hope’s Disaster Services Team has been in the operations center overnight monitoring the aftermath of a 7.3 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal around 1:00 a.m. (CDT), causing considerable damage along with numerous injuries and fatalities.

“We’ve been able to establish contact with our team on the ground in Nepal, who’ve been leading response efforts to the devastating earthquake that struck last month and they are all safe,” says Kary Kingsland, senior vice president. “Our team is reporting the situation there is only compounded by the extensive damage from the previous quake.”

The team in Nepal is currently assessing any new needs that may arise in the aftermath of this latest earthquake.

MAY 7, 2015

The monsoon season will compound human suffering through rain, flash floods and mudslides. Humanitarian organizations, including ours, have pre-positioned lifesaving relief items.

Convoy of Hope and our partners have identified three high priority areas to focus relief operations on:

Focus area 1: Sindupalchok
Focus area 2: Okhaldunga
Focus area 3: Ramechaap

These areas were selected based upon the following criteria:

1. Need (80%+ destruction of homes) and number of displaced people.

2. Communities that are less accessible or inaccessible, and appear to be receiving little or no support form government agencies, military and/or NGO’s.

To date, we have distributed 89,640 meals in Nepal, with the help of 56 volunteers.

Our newest video update was posted this morning right here on the Hope Supply. Scroll down to see how we’re committed to bringing help and hope to Nepal, no matter how long it takes.

MAY 1, 2015

Our Disaster Response team on the ground in Nepal continues to work with local partners. Convoy of Hope is sending 700 tarps to the region donated by Springfield, Mo., based Bass Pro Shops.

The Nepalese government is reporting that at least half a million tents are needed for earthquake survivors who’ve been forced from their homes. We hope these tarps will bring much-needed relief to survivors who’ve been left to the elements.

The team on the ground has already surveyed several sites and delivered supplies that will provide meals for 7-10 days per family. Distributions are expected to expand in the coming days.

Video Update #2

Video Update #1

April 25, 2015

As many of you are watching the effects the 7.8-magnitude earthquake is having on the people of Nepal, Convoy of Hope is responding!

Teams, equipment and supplies are already on their way to Nepal. It is by faith that we act, knowing that you and your partners will also respond in generosity as you have in the past! As the world looks on, this is a crucial time for His Church to stand in the gap for Nepal! We ask you to respond quickly and generously.

One of our partners in Kathmandu writes, “In every direction, people are living without electricity, with a limited water supply, and communication is extremely unreliable. Re-entry into our homes must only be done for seconds at a time as conditions are very dangerous.”

The team is working with a network of more than 100 churches and organizations in Nepal who are ready, willing and able to assist in the response.

Your rapid response will expedite relief and breathe hope into what seems like a hopeless situation. Thank you for faithfully stewarding God’s blessings so that the nation of Nepal can rise from the rubble!

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