Disaster Response Italy

Responding to the Earthquake in Italy

where can i buy priligy online informative post Two days ago, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck northeast of Rome, Italy. Over 260 individuals have been confirmed dead from the quake, and over 5,000 rescuers are searching for the estimated hundreds still trapped in the rubble. Relief efforts have been difficult as over 900 aftershocks have continued to devastate the mountainous area, making the search for survivors even more perilous.

Thanks to our network of partners across the globe, Convoy of Hope Europe stands ready to respond to the crisis by utilizing contacts in cities like Rome, Milan, and L’Aquila. The earthquake zone is currently open only to those sent by the government. However, our partners are in the area looking for ways to provide assistance.

To contribute to our disaster response in Italy, please click below and donate now. Thank you!


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