Disaster Relief

where to buy pfizer viagra in india Convoy of Hope Europe (COHEU) is connected across 43 countries and 6 in Eurasia, which means our responders are never far away when disaster strikes. Our teams are able to provide immediate relief supplies and financial assistance to those hit worst by the disaster.

buy strattera For example, when a major earthquake hit the Abruzzo region in central Italy in 2009, the Italian government would not allow international organizations to assist with the disaster response. Since COHEU already had a presence in the area, we were exempt and immediately able to begin distributing water, medical supplies, and other aid.

Stories from the Field:

Haiti Update – April 27, 2010

It is encouraging to report to you that even though life in Haiti is still difficult, there is a sense of normalcy returning to this broken country. As COH continues to feed the needy in Haiti some of the delivery methods are beginning to transition to a more permanent process. Our immediate food distribution, in the wake of the disaster has reached over 1 million people, and now COH is looking to transition to recovery rather than response. The multiple…

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Haiti Update – March 9, 2010

Convoy of Hope has now distributed more than 7,000,000 meals. We bought several trucks in Gibraltar, shipped them in and this has helped us to distribute the food to the neediest. Culligan, a well known company, has donated 3 water filter systems. Each one is capable of producing 15,000 gallons of pure drinking water on a daily basis. Two of these are now operational. We are also looking at rebuilding several schools and will shortly make a decision on the…

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Haiti Update – February 9, 2010

Included in the churches we will be working with in the future in Haiti are those belonging to the Assemblies of God. They have reported that 300 of their members were killed, including one pastor. 15 church buildings and 24 parsonages were destroyed. While we mourn with the relatives of those that were lost, this is a better report than we were expecting. The total deaths because of this earthquake are now close to 200,000

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Haiti Update – February 3, 2010

CHRIS DUDLEY WITH CONVOY OF HOPE IN HAITI Every time you walk by a devastated building you wonder if someone is buried alive underneath the debris. Then you hear that they have pulled out a 16 year old girl, ALIVE, after being buried for 15 days. It makes you think. We have now given out 1.600,000 meals. Your support is necessary and is being used to save lives. * Convoy of Hope Base of operations is the Mission of Hope…

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Haiti Update – January 26, 2010

They are now saying that Haiti will take 10 years to return to normal. We are wondering how they judge normal. Food is being distributed to more areas. All of the aid agencies are working together. The U.N. is dividing them up into clusters with different short and long term responsibilities. COH has been involved in three of these clusters. At the moment food distribution is the highest priority and COH has distributed close to 1, 400,000 meals. Now we…

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Haiti Update January 19th, 2010

Convoy of Hope has been active in Haiti for 3 years where we have been feeding several thousand people daily. We now have 1.5 million pre vacuumed meals in our warehouse. 1) 294,296 meals distributed by COH at 9 PODs (points of distribution) 2) 2 main points of distribution are Quisqueya Chapel and Cite Soleil 3) We are shipping 10 containers this week, 2 yesterday, 2 on Wednesday and 3 each on Thursday and Friday. These contain food and drinks.…

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Haiti Update Aug 19, 2010

The floods have now affected a tenth of Pakistan's 170 million people. Thankfully, there are signs that the monsoon rains could ease. Two million are homeless and 6 million need food, shelter, water and medicine. Delivery of these items is not easy due to logistical problems, landslides and a shortage of helicopters. This has forced officials to use donkeys to slowly transport supplies to cut-off mountain villages. Convoy of Hope Europe’s partner, Shelter Now (shelter-now.org), has been active in Pakistan…

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Haiti Update – Aug, 2010

More than six months have passed since a 7.0-magnitude earthquake killed upwards of a quarter million people and left 1 million homeless. In the days after the earthquake, Haiti — which is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere — was deluged with help from around the world. Among the first to provide emergency relief was Convoy of Hope, which was already in country. “For more than three years we had been feeding thousands of schoolchildren and their families each…

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