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buy generic Keppra look at this now Several months have passed since the magnitude 8.1 earthquake devastated the nation of Nepal. Hundreds of thousands of homes were destroyed, over eight thousand people were killed, and over 15,000 injured.

Thanks to you, Convoy of Hope Europe and our partners were able to provide life-saving humanitarian assistance within 24 hours of the earthquake. Your support in reaching across the planet affected 42,000 individuals (9,000 families), providing food and temporary shelters. In the last three months, your generosity assisted families to rebuild stronger, safer homes, and allowed children to return to their schools. This is no small feat!

So much has happened in three months, and many humanitarian organizations have already stepped back on the amount of aid they will provide to those still in desperate need of assistance. With your continued support, instead of stepping out of the relief effort in Nepal, we would like to increase our involvement as a long-term, strategic presence in the area. Your kindness made an incredible impact on the people of Nepal, and we look forward to your continued partnership in rebuilding this community stronger than ever before!

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