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Mother’s Milk and Motherly Love Vivian, the wife of the pastor of New Life church in Irbid, tells us about a pediatrician that visits these mothers in the hospitals and in their homes. She discovered that mothers were unable to produce milk anymore because of the trauma that they had experienced. These refugees only come with the clothes on their back and have nothing. They are looking for help with different organizations. The church in Irbid is helping 90 mothers at the moment, but would love to do more. To help a young mother with babymilk, it costs just 20€ each month. As much as possible they would like to help each mother until her baby starts to eat solid food. Join us. 20€ a month will give a baby proper food and nourishment.

here Mother’s milk in a time like this is always the best. A baby receives not only the nutrients from the mother but also all the love and affection that comes with it. Mothers want to, but many times they are unable. The beautiful dream of motherly love fades in the hard and cold reality that refugees face everyday. These babies are born into a very difficult situation;in a refugee camp and far away from what used to be home. The fathers have been killed, imprisoned or are fighting for freedom. To bring a child into the world in times of war is far from ideal. The Syrian refugee crisis is a current problem, though seemingly far away. But not to long ago something similar happened in our European continent. A book was published about children that survived the ‘hunger winter’ in the Netherlands during the latter part of the Second World War. This research showed that babies who were malnourished while still in the womb and also during their first months as a baby had fallen behind in their development. Churches at that time were trying to help. One of the stories told is of a woman who wanted to give her baby away, at least till the end of the war. What a heart wrenching choice this mother had to make during times of war. When this mother arrived at the church, she was told that there was no room for her baby. They already had too many and could not care for any more, but she was given milk powder and received the promise that she would continue to receive help in the following months. What started as an act of desperation turned into an act of salvation, not just for the baby, but also for the parents. Hope finds a way to make a difference. Join us. 20€ a month will give a baby proper food and nourishment.

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