Haiti Update January 19th, 2010

buy viraday online Convoy of Hope has been active in Haiti for 3 years where we have been feeding several thousand people daily. We now have 1.5 million pre vacuumed meals in our warehouse.

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aricept cost per year 1) 294,296 meals distributed by COH at 9 PODs (points of distribution)
2) 2 main points of distribution are Quisqueya Chapel and Cite Soleil
3) We are shipping 10 containers this week, 2 yesterday, 2 on Wednesday and 3 each on Thursday and Friday. These contain food and drinks.
4) We are also flying in several hundred thousand vacuumed packaged meals.
5) We are continuing to set up water filtration units.
6) We have one team coming out and another team going in.
7) We are training people to work the 30 water filters we have already installed.

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kamagra gold 100mg price Some more information from Haiti:
72,000 people confirmed dead.
The ports are still closed.
Fuel is in very short supply.
In 1 tent city outside the capital there are 500,000 people.

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