Update on Northern Ireland

In Derry, Northern Ireland, Brian Somerville and Cornerstone City Church dreamed big and purchased a 40,000 square foot abandoned building, believing that one day it would house their church. After numerous challenges, they were finally able to sign the paperwork and received the keys in June of 2014.

derry_articleConvoy of Hope Europe has partnered with Cornerstone City Church for years through their annual community outreach program, and also wanted to commit to assisting Cornerstone into their new building. Bringing five construction teams from four American churches over the course of the past two years, much of the renovation work has been finished. The church offices are open, and two large spaces have been finished to a point where they are usable for events.

Now in the second phase of renovations, Pastor Brian approached the owner of the parking garage next to the building and started a dialogue about renting the garage during their Sunday service to help meet their new parking needs. The owner, who didn’t want anything to do with the church or with God, was hesitant. After persistence, prayer, and building a positive relationship with the owner, Pastor Brian received a breakthrough. Not only did the owner finally agree to allow Cornerstone to rent the space, he further agreed to provide it to the church for free!

This decision was made right before our most recent team from Calvary Church in Naperville, Illinois arrived. The Naperville church sent their second team to Northern Ireland in June, and were able to give the parking garage a much-needed facelift.

The future is huge for Cornerstone City Church and we are honored to walk alongside of them and see this dream become a reality, even bigger than expected!

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