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Copenhagen, Denmark

http://aarkinc.com/?p=1604 http://arlingtonhcc.com/atralin Trip Recap:
A team of 30 arrived from Calvary Church, Naperville, IL lead by Wanda Burgund on
Monday, 18th of June, 2012. From Tuesday to Saturday and on the following Monday,
we worked to renovate the basement of the Copenhagen Cultural Center, which has
sustained two floods in the past couple years. After having replaced equipment and
repaired damage following the first flood, a second flood, which affected the whole
city, undid all their work.

In three short hours last July, Copenhagen was hit with a monsoon-like downpour
that left the city with more rain than it would usually have in two months. The
Danish Meteorological Institute recorded more than 18,600 lightening strikes
as water poured down and filled the town to the point where manhole lids were
literally popping out of the streets. The railway system had to be evacuated as the
tunnels clogged up with sewage and rainwater. Many people were stranded with
no passage home. In the following days, every basement as well as some roads and
ground floor levels were still underwater as the rest of Copenhagen was awash with
mud and thousands of dead rats flushed out of the sewers.

Because it was a natural disaster, the Cultural Center’s insurance did not cover these
new costs and the church there has been trying to fundraise over the past year to
rectify the situation, while continuously maintaining its variety of outreaches that
minister to the people of Copenhagen on a daily basis.

We fitted a new kitchen in the basement, painted several rooms, installed a dropped
ceiling throughout a large portion of the basement, repaired dry wall in areas that
had been irreparably damaged by the water, re-sealed a section of the roof, and
cleaned extensively. We also took out a section of the ground floor wall to create
an entry where a new staircase will be installed down to the basement. In the
sanctuary upstairs, the team cleaned and repaired around 1000 chairs as well as
waxing and buffing the entire hardwood floor. Outside, we sealed a new perimeter
fence and painted it for weatherproofing. In addition to this, a couple team members
went to the house of the Associate Senior Pastor to do some light work at her
house. She was diagnosed with cancer this year and is currently convalescing from

Though there is still work to be done, we had a very successful time in Copenhagen.
We were able to make a significant dent in the work needed to repair the
devastation and give hope that this project is not insurmountable and will
reach completion soon. Thanks to the Calvary team and the volunteers from the
Copenhagen Cultural Center for all the effort and sacrifice contributed to this

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