Peresecina, Moldova 2014

right here From May 12th – 18th, 2014, COHEU partnered with Life Church of Germantown, WI in the village of Peresecina, Moldova, situated about 30km/18mi from the capital city of Chisinau. Moldova is currently the poorest country in Europe. For this reason, COHEU has partnered with churches and organizations to bring hope to the people of Moldova through community work. A key aspect of this has been our Adopt-A-Community program. We have completed two projects in the towns of Leova and Glinjeni, and are currently adopting the village of Biesti, as well as supporting other communities around the country.

buy modafinil With the help of Life Church Missions, we spent the week showing compassion to the people of Peresecina. Throughout the week, the team worked chiefly on the assembly and construction of a playground for the local kindergarten. Painting and priming the wood, and laying the foundation was no easy task amidst the rainy weather. However, the team left the community with a souvenir of love in the form of a structure that will bring joy the town’s children for years to come. We also had a chance to spend time with many of the local families and visit an institute for the blind, handing out bags of groceries to our new friends as we went. Thank you to our Moldovan partners and the members of Life Church Missions for helping us spread a little hope to the faces of Peresecina, both young and old!

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