Spotlight on Russia

buy propranolol (inderal) There are few countries as intimidating as Russia. A population of 142 million people from 190 ethnic groups spread across the largest country on the planet, covering 11 time zones. Politically, they’re strong and not afraid to flex their muscles. Economically, they are struggling to survive after crippling sanctions were levied against the country in 2014 due to the annexation of Crimea.

see Because of these sanctions, humanitarian organizations are struggling to find ways to help. All outside humanitarian aid is stopped and burned, buried, or otherwise destroyed at the borders. Many international humanitarian organizations in the country have been kicked out. In the meantime, the continuing sanctions make life more difficult by the day for the average Russian. WHAT CAN BE DONE?

Convoy of Hope Europe believes that since outside humanitarian aid is not allowed, we would support local organizations in reaching out to their communities. Investing in these organizations establishes a reputation for generosity in the community, but also helps the local economy from whom the food and resources are purchased.

The first event took place in the beginning of November. 1,300 people were reached over three days of coordinated efforts by teams on the ground. The next event will be held in December, an event targeted towards 1,600 young adults in the very heart of Russia. Additional events in different parts of Russia are scheduled for the Summer of 2016. If you would like to be involved, contact us at!

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