Aoc Portugal

Quinta de Laje, Portugal

gasex tablets price In September of 2009, Convoy of Hope Europe partnered with Pastor Barry Ivie of St. Charles River Church in Missouri, U.S.A. to conduct its fourth outreach in the city of Lisbon. The east side of the city is well known in Portugal as the place where you would not want to live. There are rows and rows of high-rise apartment buildings which house many of the cities poor. The residents of the east side survive on government subsidies and rent control.

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toba dm eye drops price Convoy of Hope Europe teamed up with two local churches to serve the community with a demonstration of love. 1,056 attended the event and 203 people responded to the Gospel message and 70 of them came to church the following day. Each guest at the COH outreach was welcomed by their own personal host who accompanied them throughout their stay. The KidZone overflowed with delirious children who were treated to bounce houses, face painting and endless game playing. The adults took advantage of free haircuts, manicures, pedicures, medical screening and they each walked home with food parcels to help alleviate the pressure of everyday life.

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imitrex injection cost COHEU will continue to work with St. Charles River Church and CRC church in Lisbon to improve this area which is known as Quinta de Laje.

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