Calais 5

Christmas Came Early

Christmas came early to a number of families in the Jungle refugee camp outside of Calais, France! Volunteers from all over the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium brought Christmas shoe boxes, music, food, and celebration to those who are struggling through the damp cold, mud, and rough living conditions. Many of these families have been in the camp for months as they wait for either the French or British government to make a decision on their refugee status, and welcomed the distraction from their troubles.

170 shoe boxes were distributed to children in the camp, and over 1,000 people were fed over the course of the afternoon in the church area as multiple singing groups performed in the Arabic, English, and Ethiopian languages.

This celebration is a continuation of Convoy of Hope Europe’s commitment to bringing Hope to the refugees. Over the last few months, our construction teams have built shelters from the weather,  distributed 100 butane stoves for cooking,  thousands of rain ponchos, and provided laundry services to the community in the Jungle.

As long as the Refugee Crisis continues, Convoy of Hope Europe will be taking steps to bring physical, social, and spiritual help to affected families.

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