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Podgorica, Montenegro

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Two hundred and seven in attendance for the COHEU community event in Podgorica, Montenegro. With only 14,000 km2 and 690,000 inhabitants Montenegro is one of the smaller countries in Europe. Gaining independence from Serbia in 2006, it still hosts a large number of refugees and IDP (internally displaced persons) from the Balkan wars. The population is made up of Montenegrins 43.16%; Serbs 31.99%; Bosniaks 7.77%; Muslims 3.97%; Albanians 5.03%; Croatian 1.1%; Roma 0.42% with the remainder including those that did not disclose their nationality. COHEU has been partnering with the local Pentecostal church in Podgorica, helping them to reach out to many refugees living in camps around the country, providing food, clothing and other resources. Among the events organized was a festival to which two hundred and seven people showed up. Several services were provided including an area for the children, a pampering place for the women, an area for the men, free food and refreshments and free photos. Teams from churches in Normal, Illinois and Germantown, Wisconsin helped with repairing the parking lot of the local church and repainted a new trailer we bought for their classes. We also visited a refugee camp, which we have targeted as a future project. In the coming weeks, we will be sponsoring a food distribution there. Convoy of Hope Europe has made a three-year commitment to the country of Montenegro through its Adopt-A-Community projects. Read more on our Adopt-A-Community page.

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Negotino, Macedonia

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The Republic of Macedonia is a former province of Yugoslavia which gained independence in 1991. Convoy of Hope Europe has been active here since 2004. In 2010 COHEU has continued with several ongoing projects. In the town of Negotino, COHEU, together with local partners organized a three-day “Hope Festival” that included a backgammon tournament and a special evening event for women. On Saturday more than 1,200 guests gathered and were served with free sandwiches, free haircuts, medical help and lots of other services. In Shutka, which is not far from the capital of Skopje, volunteers from the Master's Commission program in Amsterdam, Holland, helped with preparing for the events. This work, mainly among the Roma community, consists of several initiatives, including feeding up to 150 children 5 days a week. COHEU is also helping a preschool move from rented facilities into a local church. Several of the children who have graduated from this preschool have gone on to high school. In this culture this is very unusual. This project is a priority for COHEU this year.

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Cornesti, Moldova

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Saturday, April 24th 2010 was a great day for the town of Cornesti in Moldova. More than 500 people were served a free meal and given a haircut, listened to music and watched their kids participate in numerous activities. 75 volunteers from 10 churches came to help in this huge event sponsored by Rockford First Church in Rockford, Illinois, U.S.A. and Convoy of Hope Europe. Every family also received a generous food packet before they left. The following week, further help was provided to orphans, a mother and baby center and an agricultural micro business. The volunteers also helped to construct a new city water well. Convoy of Hope Europe has initiated an Adopt-A-Community program in several places across Europe. They work in co-operation with churches and organizations. Their goal, with the help of Rockford First in Rockford, Illinois, is to socially, spiritually and physically change the town of Cornesti. Moldova is recognized as the poorest country in Europe.

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Lovech, Bulgaria

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“Convoy of Hope Europe is helping to change the thinking in Bulgaria,” according to an unnamed deputy minister of the Bulgarian Government. In the month of May, COHEU organized three community events in Bulgaria which were attended by more than 4,300 guests. On May 8th, 2010 in the town of Lovech 1,656 guests attended and 1,096 grocery bags were distributed. On May 15th in the city of Pleven, COHEU served more than 1,390 people. While children played in the Kids zone, parents were served with coffee and home made pastries. For many of them, having their picture taken and then being offered a free printout to take home was an unexpected blessing. More than one thousand pictures were handed out to our guests. The third event took place in the town of Cherven Bryag where more than 1,300 hundred were in attendance and over 1,000 grocery bags were distributed. Several hundreds of volunteers were active in serving the less fortunate. They are helping to fulfill the mission of Convoy of Hope Europe, by making their community a better place to live.

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