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They are now saying that Haiti will take 10 years to return to normal. We are wondering how they judge normal. Food is being distributed to more areas. All of the aid agencies are working together. The U.N. is dividing them up into clusters with different short and long term responsibilities. COH has been involved in three of these clusters. At the moment food distribution is the highest priority and COH has distributed close to 1, 400,000 meals. Now we are interested to know about the state of the churches. How many buildings are gone? How many Christians were killed? What is the plan? We are going to be here a long time.

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Convoy of Hope has been active in Haiti for 3 years where we have been feeding several thousand people daily. We now have 1.5 million pre vacuumed meals in our warehouse. 1) 294,296 meals distributed by COH at 9 PODs (points of distribution) 2) 2 main points of distribution are Quisqueya Chapel and Cite Soleil 3) We are shipping 10 containers this week, 2 yesterday, 2 on Wednesday and 3 each on Thursday and Friday. These contain food and drinks. 4) We are also flying in several hundred thousand vacuumed packaged meals. 5) We are continuing to set up water filtration units. 6) We have one team coming out and another team going in. 7) We are training people to work the 30 water filters we have already installed. Some more information from Haiti: 72,000 people confirmed dead. The ports are still closed. Fuel is in very short supply. In 1 tent city outside the capital there are 500,000 people.

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The floods have now affected a tenth of Pakistan's 170 million people. Thankfully, there are signs that the monsoon rains could ease. Two million are homeless and 6 million need food, shelter, water and medicine. Delivery of these items is not easy due to logistical problems, landslides and a shortage of helicopters. This has forced officials to use donkeys to slowly transport supplies to cut-off mountain villages. Convoy of Hope Europe’s partner, Shelter Now (, has been active in Pakistan for more than 25 years. For the last two weeks they have been feeding more than 2,000 people each day which is costing around €6.250 each week. The next priority will be helping everyone to cook their own food again as well as providing clothes, tents etc. A long term approach is necessary.

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More than six months have passed since a 7.0-magnitude earthquake killed upwards of a quarter million people and left 1 million homeless. In the days after the earthquake, Haiti — which is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere — was deluged with help from around the world. Among the first to provide emergency relief was Convoy of Hope, which was already in country. “For more than three years we had been feeding thousands of schoolchildren and their families each day in Haiti,” says Hal Donaldson, president of Convoy of Hope International. “Having personnel, vehicles and a large warehouse there allowed us to be one of the first organizations to distribute life-saving food, water purification and other supplies to survivors.” Your gifts allow Convoy of Hope to be prepared. Today many of the initial first responders and relief organizations have left, but longstanding organizations such as Convoy of Hope have remained and are committed to long-term recovery. “Part of our recovery strategy is to increase the number of children in our feeding initiative by tens of thousands,” says Donaldson. “By ensuring children have adequate food, clean water and hygiene education we are investing in Haiti’s future.” Since the earthquake Convoy of Hope has: Sent 1814 metric tons of food and supplies to Haiti Provided more than 9 million meals Served more than 1 million people Installed large-scale Culligan water purification units that can each produce 56.000 liters of clean drinking water each day Placed more than 2,000 water purification units in homes, schools, orphanages and churches Begun partnering with other organizations to help rebuild schools and churches devastated by the earthquake. In September, when the school year starts, Convoy of Hope will be feeding more than 25,000 children each day. By the end of 2011 the goal is to be feeding more than 45,000 children every day. “With the help of our partners we have done many great things in Haiti,” says Donaldson, “but there is much to be done to help Haiti fully recover and we are committed to helping provide a better future for the people of Haiti.” A secure-online donation will help people all around the world through Convoy of Hope Europe.

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