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Philippines Update :: March 2014

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On November 8, 2013, the Philippines was struck by a devastating typhoon that killed over 6,000 and displaced millions. Convoy of Hope’s Global Disaster Response Team sent relief supplies when Typhoon Haiyan was still on its way. Food and supplies were also on hand at the COH distribution center in Manila where 20,000 children are fed regularly. After the typhoon hit, hundreds of volunteers started distributing 1.24 million meals and provisions to eight provinces. Additionally, we’ve provided fishing nets, water filters, hygiene kits, and other supplies to help victims rebuild their lives. Repairs have also been completed on a local church in Danbantayan to ensure food storage and feeding programs in the area continue as these people are still in need of ongoing support. To donate to this project, click here

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Philippines Typhoon Response

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DECEMBER 3, 2013 | 2:00 PM SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI // Convoy of Hope teams continue to distribute immediate relief to families in remote areas of the Philippines. Our teams in the field are reporting back that we are reaching many of the hardest hit areas with food and supplies. In addition to locally purchased food, water filtration units and other disaster relief supplies, we have distributed 566,182 meals to families reeling from Typhoon Haiyan. Some of the areas recently supplied include: Iloilo, Panay, Concepcion, Danao Danao Island, Talisay Island, Tapas, Jamindan, Daanbantayan, Bantayan Island, Carnaza Island, Mambusao, Altvas, Coron, Roxas City, Leutod Leutod, Bogo City, San Remegio, Sitio Leonor, Tagumpay, Sitio Pali, Barangay 6, Sitio Malbato and Barangay Bintuan. NOVEMBER 23, 2013 | 6:27 PM DAANBANTAYAN, PHILIPPINES // Despite damage to their own home, Victor and Grace have been able to help children and families with food and supplies from Convoy of Hope since the day the Typhoon hit. Hear their story firsthand and get a from-the-field update from Convoy of Hope president, Hal Donaldson in the video above. NOVEMBER 19, 2013 | 7:35 PM CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES // Our five-hour trek to reach survivors of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) on the completely devastated island of Malapascu begins in tiny mountain villages with stunning views of the green Cebu coastline. Winding up a two-lane foliage covered mountain road, we’re hauling water filtration units and a disaster response team in two diesel vans. The closer we come to the town of Daanbantayan, the fewer structures and trees remain standing. Picturesque views give way to mangled palm trees and roadside fires and children beg for food along the road. Our driver, Nelson, points out one destroyed school after the next. “I’ve lived here my whole life and never seen anything like this,” he says. About 45-minutes out we come over a mountain pass that reveals a birds-eye view of Typhoon Haiyan’s destruction. The scene is unfathomable. Homes, trees, schools and livelihoods are wrecked. A strong wind blowing through what’s left of the trees is an eerie reminder of the massive storm that hit the island a little more than a week earlier. We stop in Daanbantayan at a church that is home to one of Convoy of Hope’s children’s feeding locations where several children greet us with resilient smiles. Elizabeth, a worker here, tells Philippines country director Raul Manuel that their water filter is broken. Thankfully we’re able to provide a few replacements. Thousands of meals have been provided to the community from this location since the Typhoon and many more are planned. Pastor Victor, who oversees the church and programs, talks with Manuel about where to put a large water purification unit with the capacity to serve much of the surrounding area. From Daanbantayan we go by boat to the small island of Malapascua where diving-tourism and fishing are the livelihood for locals whose makeshift homes fill the interior of the island. The team offloads the water filters onto the beach where men are working to repair fishing boats. Convoy of Hope also has an ongoing children’s feeding location on this island and has been providing additional meals to families since the Typhoon. “The people here need help immediately,” says Manuel. “Many of their boats are damaged and with little chance of tourism in the near future, most of these families don’t know where their next meals are coming from.” Our disaster response teams in the Philippines continue to provide immediate relief across many of the worst hit provinces like Cebu, Leyte, Capiz and Iloilo. To date, hundreds of thousands of meals, as well as relief supplies and tents, have been provided by Convoy of Hope teams, volunteers and partners. Plans are in place for our teams to return to Daanbantayan and Malapascua with more meals in the coming days. November 14, 2013 | 6:30 PM SPRINGFIELD, MO // Reports of dehydration, water-borne illness and starvation have increased across the Philippines as Typhoon Haiyan survivors have become desperate for food and water. Well over 100 Convoy of Hope volunteers, staff and partners have already mobilized to distribute more than 100,000 meals across several provinces including Cebu, Mindoro, Bulacan, Tarlac and Iloilo. While distributing relief on Thursday in Iloilo residents from Bito-on, a tiny island, came ashore seeking food. “They told our team their village only has one boat left and they couldn’t go back empty-handed,” says Chris Dudley, a member of Convoy of Hope’s disaster response team. “Our team provided 150 kilos of rice, two boxes of noodles and a box of corned beef.” Convoy of Hope teams will carry out more relief efforts across the typhoon battered country on Friday. “Our top priority is to help communities and islands that have little to no existing aid,” says Karen Benson, senior director of disaster response for Convoy of Hope. “So far, food and clean water make up most of our distributions because that is what families clearly need.” In addition to food and water, Convoy of Hope also has water filtration units, diarrhea kits, dehydration kits, shoes and hygiene supplies on-hand to distribute as needed. Our teams are planning to reach hard-hit areas in the Leyte and Samar provinces on Friday and into the weekend. In preparation, a local school for the deaf will help pack meals and aid to be distributed. These next few days are vital as some families have been without adequate access to food or clean water for nearly a week. Children receive relief supplies from Convoy of Hope after Typhoon Haiyan left them without food and water. Convoy of Hope continues to pack supply kits for distribution in the Philippines each day. November 8, 2013 | 11:00 AM SPRINGFIELD, MO // Following one of the most powerful storms in recent history, thousands of families in the Philippines are suffering, have been displaced and need help. Convoy of Hope has teams and aid on the ground in the Philippines ready to help those suffering from Super Typhoon Haiyan. Our children's feeding initiative serves more than 20,000 children in the Philippines and as a result, four containers of food and supplies were already en route and will be available as needed. Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda) is being compared to a very strong Category 5 hurricane with sustained winds of up to 195 miles per hour. For reference, Hurricane Katrina reached sustained winds of 175 miles per hour. The team now in the Philippines most recently responded with 43,000 meals to the 7.1 earthquake that struck Bohol less than a month ago. In response to Super Typhoon Haiyan, Convoy of Hope will be distributing food, water filters, shoes and other supplies to survivors. November 7, 2013 | 4:30 PM SPRINGFIELD, MO // Convoy of Hope’s Global Disaster Response (GDR) Team is preparing relief supplies and sending assessment teams to travel to the Philippines as super typhoon Haiyan makes landfall. Staff in the Philippines have positioned disaster relief supplies in advance of the storm. Forecasters predict Haiyan to hit the Philippines as “among the most powerful storms witnessed anywhere in modern times.” “Food and supplies are on hand at our distribution center in Manila,” says Kary Kingsland, executive vice president of Global Initiatives for Convoy…

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Biesti, Moldova // AAC Trip 2

buy amoxicillin online overnight shipping

Last week, from October 28th-31st, 2013, we took a second trip of the year to the adopted community of Biesti, Moldova. With partners from Mission Impact of Tubize, Belgium, we worked to hand out around 18,500kg (40,700lbs) of coal to families in need. The winters in Moldova get very chilly and families in this area are too poor to afford enough coal and firewood to get them through the season. Their only option is to layer on clothes and without removing them for months at a time, often not even to bathe. As a result, there is a lack of hygiene and seasonal illnesses augment as they go untreated. There are a lot of elderly people in this community that are in need of having a warm house to come home to on cold winter nights. We distributed coal to 26 households. Each family received 500kg of coal and individuals received 250kg, which should be enough to get them through the next few months. The cost of this is only 85EU, but for most of these people, that is at least two months’ salary. One house we visited was that of an elderly man who cannot walk. He is supported only by his 80-year-old sister who lives a mile’s walk away. He rarely leaves the house and felt so encouraged to receive the gift. Several people were crying over this unexpected blessing, which will make their winter better than they had hoped. Thank you to our supporters and to Mission Impact for helping us spread a little hope to this community in need, giving them the gift of warmth for the holiday season. To donate to this project click here

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Dicanesti, Romania // AAC Trip 3

buy amoxicillin online uk

From September 28th - October 5th, 2013, we had our third Adopt-a-Community trip to the village of Dicanesti, Romania. This community has been blessed to be adopted by two churches in collaboration, Calvary Lighthouse of Lakewood, New Jersey and Bethany Church of Wyckoff, New Jersey. A month ago, we hosted Calvary Lighthouse in Dicanesti. This month, our second team of the year was from Bethany Church. Throughout the week, the team continued the work of helping the families of Dicanesti in any way they could to show consideration and care. For one family, we chopped a large pile of wood to help them get through the winter. At other homes, we cleared gardens, repaired fences, and contributed in various ways. The team also spent a significant amount of time removing, cleaning and preparing the forms on which the new roof for the community center will be built. Despite the fact that it rained most of the week, inhibiting some projects and postponing others, everyone from Bethany kept high spirits and continued working to accomplish acts of kindness for the community of Dicanesti and for people and families that struggle to make ends meet. Shedding a little hope into desperate situations goes a long way, and the townsfolk of Dicanesti were impressed and talking about what these people were doing. The purpose of the Adopt-a-Community program is to forge relationships that can show compassion and provoke change. Thanks to Calvary Lighthouse and Bethany Church, we are able to show the people of Dicanesti that they aren't alone and that there is hope for the future. We can't wait to see what the next year brings in this project! For more information on this project, click here To donate to this project, click here    

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