Third Phase

eltroxin price in pakistan The English meaning of the city called Kardjali is “the place that doesn’t exist.” This small settlement of Roma people, barely survive on their meager income.The 500 who live here have no running water and bad sanitation. Most are unemployed and work as beggars or, worse still, are forced into prostitution to exist. COHEU together, with the Whitburn A.O.G. church from Scotland, has adopted this community. In the next three years they will be working alongside the inhabitants to improve it, socially, physically and spiritually. Recently, a team from Whitburn, accompanied by Doug Webber from COHEU visited the village. They worked on several projects including cleaning a drainage canal that protects the road from rainwater. Two communal water points, with storage facilities, were set up and the team also did a general cleaning of the area. Meetings with village residents were held to hear their concerns and dreams and enlist their help in improving their conditions. COHEU will continue to invest in ‘the place that doesn’t exist' by focusing on education, providing circumstances that will encourage parents to bring their children to school and helping these children with specially adapted tutoring programs.

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Second Phase

motilium uk Convoy of Hope Europe’s Adopt-A-Community project in Albania continues to progress ahead of schedule! The initial plan to meet certain criteria within three years has accelerated beyond our expectations. Calvary Assembly, Toledo, Ohio recently sent a team to Albania to work with the Convoy of Hope Europe team. It was an incredible experience to see 52 children going to school for the first time. Their ages range from 6 to 11 and they walked in wearing their new clothes, shoes, backpacks and school supplies. During the two weeks the team was there, several projects were completed. A new roof was installed. The outside of the building where the 22 families live was painted. Swing sets and monkey bars were installed for the children. New clothes lines were installed for the ladies. Bashkim, the community leader and his family are now in their home, which was renovated by the team from Ohio. A community room for children and adults was completed. Men’s and women’s support groups now meet on a regular basis. Based on what has currently been accomplished the Convoy team believes that they are one year ahead of schedule for the community revitalization in Grumbullimi, Albania.

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First Phase

price of aygestin 5mg Convoy of Hope Europe, in partnership with Calvary Church, Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A., has targeted a community in Fushe Cruje, Albania called Grumbullimi. Recently, the COHEU team, accompanied by the Masters Commission programs from Holland and Spain, traveled there to begin the first phase of adopting this community. Working with missionary Kurt Plagenhoef, COHEU will continue to send teams to educate and empower this community to change their circumstances over the next couple of years. The list below shows what was accomplished. The community has 52 children who were registered for school. Over 25 truckloads of debris were removed from the area. A non functioning bathroom was renovated to six working stalls. A playground area and clothes drying area was cleared. Drainage for the property was reworked and functioning. Hallways and exterior were cleaned and painted. The roof was temporarily repaired. A local couple was employed to oversee the project and its ongoing process. Food was distributed to 17 families inhabiting the Grumbullimi building. A large room which was uninhabitable was cleaned, painted and windows repaired. The current landlord who is compensating the tenants for our work has given this room for the children rent free All the rats were exterminated!!!!! One young boy living in desperate conditions just outside our target zone was placed in a local orphanage and was sponsored for one year! Convoy of Hope believes that this can be the model for community development in poorer regions of Europe. Please pray that God will supply the wisdom, human resources, financial resources and strength to see this become a reality in many communities throughout Europe.

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Update Shutka, Macedonia

malegra 100 price The Republic of Macedonia is a former province of Yugoslavia which gained independence in 1991. Convoy of Hope Europe has been active here since 2004. In 2010 COHEU has continued with several ongoing projects. In the town of Negotino, COHEU, together with local partners organized a three-day “Hope Festival” that included a backgammon tournament and a special evening event for women. On Saturday more than 1200 guests gathered and were served with free sandwiches, free haircuts, medical help and lots of other services. In Shutka, which is not far from the capital of Skopje, volunteers from the Master’s Commission program in Amsterdam, Holland, helped with preparing for the events. This work, mainly among the Roma community, consists of several initiatives, including feeding up to 150 children 5 days a week. COHEU is also helping a preschool move from rented facilities into a local church. Several of the children who have graduated from this preschool have gone on to high school. In this culture this is very unusual. This project is a priority for COHEU this year.

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Update Kardjali, Bulgaria

astelin nasal spray cost The COHEU team was on their way to visit a small Roma community on the outskirts of the city of Kardjali in Bulgaria when their driver said, “they call this town the place that doesn’t exist”. Most of the 35 families that live here are illegal immigrants. They came, built their small mud homes and just stayed. The only available water came from one outside faucet, operational because of an illegal connection into the water system. Like many other Roma, living in most of the Eastern European countries, these people suffer under poverty and social exclusion, forcing many of the young women into prostitution or human trafficking. Convoy of Hope Europe, partnering with the Whitburn Pentecostal Church near Glasgow, Scotland, has adopted this community.   Together we are endeavoring to make  “ the place that does not exist,” a better place for families to live. Education will be one of the factors which will make a huge impact in this society. Therefore, COHEU will place a large emphasis on the schooling of the children. It is our goal to see the majority of children and young adults not only attend school but to graduate. Together, with the village elders and our sponsors, will we be looking at what can be done to make “the place that does not excist,” a place that transforms lives and creates opportunities for a bright future. COHEU has the following goals. Install water purifications systems. Build a new church/community center. Provide Christmas packages to students and teachers. Provide a part-time tutor to help children with their education

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