Have You Caught It?


hopedemic_2In this modern media era, it seems everything goes viral from the news to the inane. Our world isn’t lacking in information or entertainment. The things people actually need are the hardest to access. As we watch whole communities crumble into despair, destruction and poverty, we want to spread something truly worthwhile: HOPE.

Convoy of Hope Europe has worked the last 10 years to shed the light of hope into people’s darkest situations. We aid the impoverished in Europe and around the world through disaster relief, community outreaches and long-term communal projects aimed at provoking radical change in a sustainable way.

Perhaps you can’t be a part of our work. Perhaps you have nothing to give. But we want you to know that no one in this world is powerless. Share the message of hope. Be a light where you are and help us spread the word on what we’re doing so people can believe and know that there are those who care and are trying to make a difference. Maybe it will encourage them to make a difference, too.

A change of attitude can change someone’s day.
Believing circumstances could be different can inspire action.
And many individuals working for a common goal can transform the world.

A simple idea can be contagious.
Will you help us spread it?

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