The First Dutch Church Adopts a Community Through COHEU

Agape Church from Amsterdam is the first Dutch church to join COHEU’s Adopt-a-Community program. Partnered with Mission Impact of Tubize, Belgium, COHEU and Agape are working to make a difference in the village of Biesti, Moldova.

In March 2014, a team from Agape visited their community in the poorest country of Europe. Each day, a team of ten people worked with the children of the village and went door-to-door to visit and engage with the locals as well as gifting bags of groceries. That week saw the first ever home group meeting in this village with twenty people in attendance. This was the first time they had ever come to a meeting such as this. They also accomplished other projects throughout the week including building a playground for the local children.

Pastor Enzo Pignato of Agape says that the church has a special relationship with this country. Two years ago, while a group from his church in Amsterdam was in Moldova for a missions trip, a tragedy occurred, and they lost a young man from their team. Even though this was a terrible event, something good grew from it. The Agape church now has an even bigger heart for this country and a desire to see something positive spring from their association with Moldova.

Notably, the entire budget was raised by the church so the team members needed only to pay for their own travel. Now a close relation between Agape Church and the village of Biesti has been established. Building relationships and continuing to be faithful is the basis of the Adopt-a-Community program. Convoy of Hope Europe encourages and assists churches to undertake such initiatives to bring about a mutually beneficial situation: giving help and hope to people in need while inspiring a missions-giving heart within the parent church. What a blessing to be a blessing to others!

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