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Pressing Forward with Hope

Driving over 9,000 kilometers (5,600 miles) through 11 countries, a Convoy of Hope Europe (COHEU) team member set out to rekindle older territories and blaze new trails in places yet unreached in previous years. Over the past 12 years of ministry, COHEU has established a presence in 56 countries, and is hoping to spend the next five years delving deeper into areas with the greatest need.

Much of southeastern Europe has been wrought with wars, ethnic cleansing, and atrocities that have left the people disillusioned and religiously cold. Despite the challenges, people like the pastor of a little village in Macedonia continue to faithfully carry the message of Christ to a people who witnessed horrendous acts under the banner of the cross. The former Yugoslavian nations—Slovenia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, and Macedonia—never experienced the Protestant Reformation, and revival has yet to come to these people groups.

Like a speck of light longing to burst forth in the darkness, the National Church continues to press on. COHEU is committed to partnering with them to see hope spread, to see communities transformed physically, socially, and spiritually. Please pray with our team as we launch new initiatives throughout this part of the world.

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