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Moving, not quitting Living in a small, one-room apartment in Romania, Pastor Alexandru and his wife share a passion to see lives transformed and their community infused with a fresh hope.  They have suffered great opposition, moving 6 times over the past few years when local religious leaders pressured the landlords “to evict the pastors”. Even so, the couple continues to press on sharing love with their neighbors and the hurting in their community. Convoy of Hope Europe is partnering with these wonderful people in the village of Horezu to bless the local teachers and civic leaders, initiate an after-school program for children, and provide firewood for the neediest residents. All this to support significant and sustainable change in their community, and strengthen the local church. Horezu is an internationally acclaimed cultural epicenter for potters and wood workers.  Pastor Alexandru would like to create an apprenticeship with local skilled artisans who can train the next generation in woodworking and pottery.  He said, “This will ensure future jobs for young people, preserve the rich cultural heritage, and strengthen the local economy—all while sharing God’s love that will lead to healthy families and true life!”

We are excited to see what God has in store for this village!  If your church or organization would be interested in being a part of this Adopt-A-Community project, please contact our COHEU team for more information.

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