Dicanesti, Romania // AAC Trip 4

From July 11th– 18th, 2014, Bethany Church of Wyckoff, New Jersey, and Bethlehem Assembly of God of Valley Stream, New York teamed up for a week of service in the adopted community of Dicanesti, Romania.

Dicanesti has been sponsored through the Adopt-a-Community program by Bethany Church in partnership with Calvary Lighthouse of Lakewood, New Jersey. This was our fourth and final joint trip.

Throughout the week, the team engaged in several days of children’s programs that included songs, dancing, stories, face painting, balloons, puppets, and other games. We also cleaned around the local community center and rebarred iron pillars on the roof. While this was going on, other team members were helping with the installation of water pipes that now bring fresh clean water from the town to the Roma settlement, some 600 meters (656 yards) away. The team played an integral part in making this happen as they dug trenches and installed pipeline. This is the first time that this community has had running water. Thanks to the support of this project, we will also be able to bring electricity to many homes in the village later in the year.

Thank you to Bethany Church, Bethlehem Assembly, and Calvary Lighthouse for your support and the hard work invested into this project.  The compassion and care shown for the people of Dicanesti over the past few years is immeasurable and will have lasting effects for years to come.

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