Biesti, Moldova // AAC Trip 1

From June 29th-July 6th, 2013, COHEU had its first trip to the adopted community of Biesti, Moldova. In partnership with Mission Impact, Tubize, Belgium, we worked on several projects in this community situated in the poorest state in Europe. During the week, we renovated the house of an impoverished family by first cleaning the overgrown garden, fixing broken windows, and painting the outside of the house. Next, we cleaned and painted internally as well. We worked on a second house, that of an elderly couple, to fix their leaking roof, paint their windows and work on the bedroom. Lastly, we helped fix the roof of a second elderly couple that was also leaking.

In just one week, we had the chance to impact three households in addition to getting to know the local leadership. Over the next three years, we hope to target projects that will strategically improve the living conditions for the people of this area in addition to starting community centers in and around Biesti. Check back for updates as we continue to invest in this wonderful community!

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