follow link Every day we see images of the world around us through media channels. It is a limited scope, a targeted vision of what is currently “going on” in the world. We hear about politics, about sports, about wars, about Hollywood. What we do not hear about or see are the millions of hurting people in Europe, the millions who are starving. Though earthquakes and floods are initially reported in the first few weeks after the disaster, the damage they invoke lasts years and often goes unreported. Poverty is often ignored entirely unless it is to be used as a political statement.

neurontin 300 mg uses advocacy Convoy of Hope Europe is here to be a voice for the neglected, to make sure they are not forgotten behind the flurry of the latest celebrity scandal. The mission of Convoy of Hope Europe extends to the socially weak and underprivileged, those who have needs but are unable to share them.

The Adopt-A-Community program was created specifically for that purpose. Convoy of Hope Europe matches a sponsor group with a poor community to meet a specific need. The type of support ranges from providing indoor plumbing for an entire city block to renovating a school system. The goal is to create a catalyst for change in the community, to bring Hope to those who did not have it before. Each side commits to three to five years of targeted involvement to make the community a better place physically, socially, and spiritually. No politics, no ulterior motives, just Hope.

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