Our History

Inspired by the work of Convoy of Hope International, Michael McNamee founded Convoy of Hope Europe (COHEU) in 2003. Driven by concern for the overlooked and marginalized on what most people consider to be an affluent continent, COHEU has spent the last 13 years providing help and resources to the socially weak and underprivileged.

Our goal is to see communities all over the continent transformed into a better place for people to live through disaster relief, community events, Adopt-A-Community projects, and assisting in various development initiatives. Since inception, COHEU has been active in 43 countries in Europe and 6 countries in Eurasia, giving hope and help to people in need.

Convoy of Hope International was formed in 1994 by Hal Donaldson, whose own life was impacted by compassion. On August 25, 1969, his parents, Harold and Betty Donaldson, were hit head-on by a drunk driver. Harold was killed; Betty survived but was so severely injured she was unable to work or cook for several months. The Donaldson children experienced first-hand what it was like to go without many of life’s basic necessities. Thankfully, people from local churches and the community provided them with food and shelter and a sense of hope.

That experience of sharing hope drives Convoy of Hope into being the major international organization it is today. Convoy of Hope has served more than 30 million people and distributed more than $100 million worth of food and supplies throughout the world. The organization also feeds 148,000 children each day.

In 2013, we celebrated 10 years: